Wednesday, January 7, 2009

what would jesus do?

yes we in fact are triplets! ya i know the picture is random but i loved it! ok so holidays were great love the christmas season but off to a new year hasn't been all that easy i just discoverd some things about a friend i really care about and i feel like im the one to blame and like a whole bunch of people are going to be angry at me for it but yet i was told by this friend that im not to say a word about anything to anyone but i tell my mom everything and she knows all and i just feel like im being told a million different things by all sorts of people and i feel like its taking me away spiritually from heavanly father i care about this friend but i know the things this friend has done are wrong and i wanna help but the friend knows its wrong but doesn't wanna stop hes amazing and has so much hope for the future but this is closing off all hope for him and making me sick im so torn and don't know whats right anymore its making me so lost but i feel like i shouldn't give up on him but i also feel like i care more then he ever will my heart aches and i just fill empty and torn and hardest of all its hard to not judge him but its all i can do i hope this sistutaion ends soon and ends happily! if theres any advice i sure would love to hear it!


Tippetts Family said...

I think we all have people like that in our lives, and it just breaks your heart. The hardest part is you can't make them do anything, especially the RIGHT thing. Our free agency is the most wonderful gift, but can be a two edged sword. You also can't let yourself feel responsible for other people's choices- only your own.

we are on this earth to learn and grow. so we all have different trials, struggles, and temptations. We are all imperfect. We can't judge others for the mistakes they make. It's hard because we think we have all the answers and it's all on our shoulders. We don't, and it isn't.

I think Jesus would want you to pray for the person(s) and love them no matter what. That doesn't at all mean you support what they are doing though.

Let Christ take on this burden you are carrying. You don't have to carry it on your own. My favorite scriptures about this are in Mosiah 24:14-15,21

It's a crazy world! Thank goodness for the Gospel! Our family loves you more than you know. You have more potential than you see. You are such an amazing person with the ability to make people laugh. You have such a caring heart and that is probably why you are hurting so much. (more people know what you are going through than you think ;)

The Johnsons said...

Wow that was quite the post! I am very curious. However, ditto what Lyndsy said. Also, this friend can't impose his choice's on you. Sometimes it is best to remove yourself from the situation for a while and let the friend go. Especially when it is affecting you this much. I know it is easier said than done, especially when you see some one you care about making bad choices, but if it affects you sometimes, that is the best thing you can do for yourself!
Otherwise the best thing to do is be there when the friend falls, because if they are making bad choices, it will happen.
Hang in there!

Tippetts Family said...

yeah sorry for the long's just something that has been on my mind lately too.

i agree with shilo though...remove yourself from the situation and don't let it bring you down. focus on what YOU are doing in YOUR life. I think this will help you be happier.

starr266 said...

thanks guys you've all helped alot but it really is hard to walk away from someone you care alot about and its just all one big crap situation but thanks you have helped alot!