Wednesday, January 7, 2009

what would jesus do?

yes we in fact are triplets! ya i know the picture is random but i loved it! ok so holidays were great love the christmas season but off to a new year hasn't been all that easy i just discoverd some things about a friend i really care about and i feel like im the one to blame and like a whole bunch of people are going to be angry at me for it but yet i was told by this friend that im not to say a word about anything to anyone but i tell my mom everything and she knows all and i just feel like im being told a million different things by all sorts of people and i feel like its taking me away spiritually from heavanly father i care about this friend but i know the things this friend has done are wrong and i wanna help but the friend knows its wrong but doesn't wanna stop hes amazing and has so much hope for the future but this is closing off all hope for him and making me sick im so torn and don't know whats right anymore its making me so lost but i feel like i shouldn't give up on him but i also feel like i care more then he ever will my heart aches and i just fill empty and torn and hardest of all its hard to not judge him but its all i can do i hope this sistutaion ends soon and ends happily! if theres any advice i sure would love to hear it!

Friday, December 5, 2008

simply breath taking!

I went to go see the temple lights for young womans and i think this picture i took on my cell phone really captures the beauty of the temple but the feeling walking on temple square with all the lights and the sister missonaries was just simply amazing it was so cold outside but the feeling and spirit that was there was almost just enough to keep you warm! i've been having a hard time with things and life lately but somehow the second i stepped into the temple ground all my sadness and haertache just simply went away and none of it mattered anymore i wish the girls could really get past the silliness and coldness and take in the beauty. i'd have to say the drive and the crowd was a bit crazy but in the end it simply just didn't matter it was all worth it!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i love my sisters!

so i've been living with my sister for about a month and half now and i never realized how much i missed her she took care of me in the hospital when she had a newborn baby she was still there everyday taking care of me and being here with her now i've seen how amazing she is she cooks and cleans everyday shes an awsome fun mom and always makes sure arbor is happy and gets lots of kisses i really think she does alot and is a great mom and wife! my oldest sister shilo is a fantastic mom of 4 adorable smart kids shes very hard working and dedicated to her jobs and yet still has enough time to do things for her kids and would always do anything for them shes been through alot and ever since i was little i've just always looked up to her! and then there's lyndsy my brothers wife who is just stunning shes the mom of 3 beautiful daughters shes always so positive and up beat never complains about how tired or hard it is rasing 3 girls under the age of three shes just great! and theres my own mother who to me is the best mom ever shes beautiful inside and out always being not just a great mom but a best friend shes been through everything with me i can tell her anything and she always makes the hardest times so much easyer shes simply lovley! i love all my sisters and sure we have our fights and arguments but by the end of the day were all still family! i love ya mom and sister!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

i went to church today and have been struggling with things in my life as i was sitting in sacrament reading my scriptures i came across a glue in by ezra taft benson"Men and Women who turn their lives over to god will dicover that he can make more out of their lives then they can. he will deepen their joys,expand their vision,quicken their minds, strengthen their muscles,lift their spirits, multiply their blessings, increase their opportunites, comfort thei souls, raise up friends, and pour out peace,Whosoever will lose his life shall find it". and i was just brought to tears it was just something i needed to hear and sitting in the church was just something i needed am so glade that i can have such an amazing family and im just overwhelmed and feel like my testimony is getting stronger and am glade i have the church in my life. my testimony has been so strong that im working on getting my personal progress medallion i feel its just something i need and being a young womans leader i hope it can be an example to the girls

so this time last year i was in the hospital and i just wanna say that im so greatful to have my health! you don't even realize how precious life is until your laying in a hospital bed being told by doctors theres nothing left they can do for you being 21 and sitting on the edge of life is scary its something you never wanna be told i still had my whole life in front of me and here i was laying in a hospital bed holding onto life but yet its hard to move on always thinking that i need to be careful and that i cant be happy or elsae i'll get sick again its hard to live each day like its my last cause it almost happend i live everyday scared but coming into this holiday season its hard not to be happy with so much i have two beautiful twin nieces my amazing family and my health its been a hard year and an even harder last few weeks but im just glade and thankful im not in the hospital and have alot to be happy and gratful for!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

i feel like such a nerd

so all my siblings have there own family blogs and even my nephew does so i firgure i would start one! not much is going on in my life so it probablly won't be the most excting blog!